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What To Do After A Water Leak?

What To Do After A Water Leak?

A water leak can occur at any time in your home or office and can be incredibly costly and time-consuming to clean up. If you’ve recently experienced a water leak, here are steps that you can take following this incident.


Shut Off The Water Supply

After noticing a water leak, the first thing you should do is shut off the water supply. In the Denver area, the shut off valve is typically found in the basement. The main shutoff may be outside of the home.  You may find that the water leak is coming from a source that you can then isolate, such as your dishwasher or toilet. These will all have an isolation valve on their pipework, where you can shut off the water supply to this device. 


Leak Detection

For some leaks, you may not know where the leak is coming from. Our experienced team of professionals uses state of the art devices such as moisture meters and thermal imaging to help locate the source of the leak. In other situations, it may be obvious where it is coming from.


Move Contents and Valuables

If it is safe to do so, move belongings and valuables to a dry area to prevent further damages. 


Drying Out Your Home

The next stage is to remove excess water and begin drying out your home. If the leak covered a large area of a room or a whole floor in your home, know that this part of the process may take some time. You’ll want to act quickly to remove any excess water in your home so that further damage is prevented. Then, material removal such as flooring, trim, and drywall is likely required.  The last step is to use thermal technology, dehumidification, and air movement to remove water from the rest of the affected materials in your home. Best Option Restoration uses heat technology to more efficiently dry out your property. 



While not all water damage is covered by insurance policies, you’ll want to document your damage with photos and videos when making an insurance claim. We recommend keeping all receipts from anything you buy to replace items in your home. Some leaks will only require a small amount of work to recover your home to its previous state, but others will involve significant repairs. 


Tips for Avoiding Future Leaks

After you’ve dealt with the current leak, make sure you protect your home from further leaks. Regularly check the pipes and take extra precautions during the winter months. You may want to purchase a water security system, which can alert you when a leak occurs. Some systems even allow you to switch off water remotely, which can help to avoid extensive damage to your home.


If you’ve recently experienced a water leak in your home, know that Best Option Restoration is available to help. We encourage you to act quickly when dealing with a water leak, to avoid further damage to your home. Give us a call at 720-408-1688. 



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